Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design in Art Deco style

    Bohemian art deco – the dream of every housewife who appreciates and functionality of the interior, and the special charm of exclusive luxury. Therefore, those who decided to create both a convenient and a great atmosphere, it is necessary to examine the canons of fashion style and create a kitchen in the best traditions of bright and unusual art deco.  Modern Art Deco – is the result of […]


Bedroom design as a love nest

   The bedroom is a place of sacraments which are known only to you. In this room it should be cozy and quiet. The atmosphere of this room should weaken and pacify you that next day at you it was full of strength also energy. Harmony of color will help you to create the suitable atmosphere.  Zephyrous luxury light pink, gentle shades of spring greens, strawberry with cream, tasty coffee […]

Scandinavian living room

Light and airy Scandinavian living room

  It`s quiet easy to recognize Scandinavian style for its clean lines and abundance of white. Popular Nordic interior design is often characterized by minimalism and functionality, but due to the restraint it can be perceived as cold and harsh. Living room is an interesting space from the perspective of Scandinavian style. Welcoming and comfortable interiors dispose to relaxing, while bright accents raise the spirits. Besides, the contemporary design ideas, […]

kitchen design

Studio as the new form of kitchen design

 Nowadays more and more people come to the conclusion that the most visited and attractive place in the flat or house is a kitchen. But modern world got tired of ordinary designs of kitchens as separate rooms for cooking. Today many designers unite it with other rooms with the help of some techniques. Most flats have not very big kitchens. But every hostess would like to have a spacious cozy […]

char broil outdoor fireplace

Amazing Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Using outdoor fireplace ideas can be good choice for you if you love to have warm place to gather with family in outside room. That would be so much if you use the fireplace in your garden, so you can warm yourself while sitting in front of the fireplace. You can also enjoy drinking tea with your family or if you want to relax alone, that would be fine. You […]

inside fireplace decorating ideas

Fireplace Decorating Ideas to Give You a Different Look of Fireplace

Fireplace is one important part that you need to consider for its essential part to make your living room look beautiful in which you will need those fireplace decorating ideas to help you get the most beautiful decoration of fireplace to make your fireplace is different from the other. There are more choices of beautiful decoration for fireplace which will support a stunning living room. It is why you need […]

stacked stone fireplace ideas

Stacked Stone Fireplace Ideas for Your Living Room

There are ideas that you can find for a beautiful fireplace that you can find with stacked stone fireplace. This kind of fireplace will offer you with different touch to make your living room look totally different. It is a fireplace that will look beautiful for its detail of stacked stone. Furthermore, you will find that there will be more to prepare in order to bring this kind of fireplace […]

jetmaster double sided fireplace

Double Sided Fireplace to Offer Different Look in Amazing Touch

Today’s fireplace comes with more features that will be able to make your house especially your living room look more beautiful like what double sided fireplace can be done to make it look amazing. Most of them are now found in those options of double sided gas fireplace that use gas as the main source of its fuel to keep the fire on. Furthermore, you will find more ideas of […]

gas fireplace mantel ideas

Fireplace Mantel Ideas to Help You Decorate Your Fireplace

Sometimes you will find it quite difficult to adorn your living room with fireplace mantel since you might not have any picture to inspire you, but those fireplace mantel ideas will offer you with more designs that you can add for your fireplace. There are more fireplace mantels that you can find also find to help you make your fireplace mantel seems gorgeous with the design ideas. For more details […]

burning fireplace screensaver

Fireplace Screensaver to Complete Your Living Room

There are still more ideas that you need to consider for your home decoration including fireplace screensaver. It is a creative idea that you can find to bring the touch of fireplace in your house using screensaver that you can put on a screen of a monitor that you can put in a fireplace-like place to show the virtual fire as the decoration instead of bringing its real functionality to […]